Primm Risk Solution

Primm Risk Solutions | Fayetteville, AR | November 2015 Primm Risk Solutions is an employee benefits agency in Northwest Arkansas. Primm Risk prides themselves on serving their small-business clients with a teamoriented, hands-on approach, Primm wanted to convey a sense of team, loyalty and warmth in a polished look that is simple and edgy. Inspired by the typographic rhythm in the word PRIMM, the solution uses three overlapping arrows, which together reveal additional arrows. The shapes mimic the forward motion of the letters P & R and the repetitive effect of the two M’s. The layering effect not only creates a sense of depth, but also a feeling of forward movement. Despite the momentum, however, a strong connection seems to exists between each shape and the group appears to move as a team. A soft palette that hints at both visual and figurative transparency, rounded edges on the arrows and use of a dark gray give the logo an air of comfort and yet doesn’t take away from a feel of professionalism.

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