The Coach for Freelance Graphic Designers

Graphic Designer + Certified Life & Weight Coach

From the moment you lifted your head from the pillow this morning, you have everything you need. You are enough.
Freelance graphic design is not for wimps. Our minds are programed to be negative naturally and if you're a designer you may feel knee deep in....
.... doubt and confusion over priorities and time management. 
... spin out about what to charge and where to get more clients.
... how to keep up with you design software changes.
.... feeling better about your body of work and the way you face new projects. 
... constantly striving for perfection 
Left unchecked, the brain is a mess.  If you are freelance designer, then you understand the drama that can unfold in your mind and send you and your MacBook right back into the cave to stay safe.  
I believe humans are amazing and also hot messes that fight to see their greatness for themselves.  We sabotage it, undermine it and give it away.... we spin in negative energy and waste time and potential where it could be spent kicking ass and being an example of what is possible. We want everything perfect and we miss the point and beauty of the imperfection.  
Clarity and Confidence for the Overwhelmed Freelance Graphic Designer is a 6 week one on one coaching program I'm offering now that twill help teach you tools that 
... help you take control of your time so you can feel better about balancing meetings, design time and shutting down at the end of the day (rather than working on the couch.)
... increase confidence in your work and authority as a creative.
... gain clarity over confusion once  and for all. 
Are you in?
Let's schedule your complimentary consultation to talk about the results you want to see! 

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