Insightful visionary. Harmonizer extraordinaire.

Branding Consultant | Graphic Designer | Genuinely Valuable

I am curious and energetic. Creative and authentic. I crave originality and love to help establish harmony. I'm comfortable pushing envelopes and possibilities. I thrive when working with people and ideas. While I am creative, I cannot help create "canned" content. I have a nose for sincerity... I'm not apt to do much of anything that doesn't align with the truth. Even for money. Especially for money! Marketing is expensive. If a company feels the need to stretch the truth in their advertising, then I'd recommend taking a strong and strategic look at the brand's foundation before pouring money to pricey marketing endeavors. Customers are smart cookies - misalignment between stated value and actual value, at the very least, will tarnish trust. I can help facilitate the uncovering of a great brand strategy and firm positioning that builds deep connection with your audience... sans the faux.
  As a graphic designer I dive into the details of my client's company, campaign and audience. I like long-term clients who are looking for more than pretty designs... I spend a lot of time getting to know them and their goals - so I'm probably not the girl you want to call for a one-off project bid. I work hard to articulate clients greatness - visually and verbally. Among my favorite things clients have ever said to me:
"Oh my gosh, Holly! I love this! I Iove YOU! You are SO wonderful!"
"You NAILED it.... AGAIN!!"
"... please send this to Holly to look at before you do anything... I trust her final input... hell, I'd trust her with my life." 
"I love that you will actually be honest with me"

In a nutshell:
- Just moved from North Little Rock to Benton, AR (2019)
- BA in Medical Sociology with Minor in Marketing University of Central Arkanas 
- Post Baccalaureate in Fine Arts, emphasis in Graphic Design, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
- Married to Ross
- Lacey, my black lab mixed who's mixed with something hound dog-ish (a trait that is really only apparent when she barks). 
- Live-long-learner
- A true ENFP personality type